About Us

Aktyubinsky distillery plant was established in 1942 based on evacuated Vitebsky distillery plant and is one  of the first alcohol industry enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  In 1995  Aktyubinsky distillery plant was reorganized in Open Joint-Stock Company  «Кristall». Since that  same date  production is effected under the trade mark «Кristall»  - a  well-known  trade mark at the alcohol production market of Kazakhstan  for its high competitive quality, taste, excellent customer appeal and great variety.

In  2000 году based on OJSC  «Кristall»  a Limited Liability Partnership MAXIMUS was established. Business plan commenced to be realized  at once after a Distillery plant privatization was oriented on enterprise modernization. The main idea -  production’s competitive abilities increase,  its quality and accompanying customer properties improvement.  Not so  much time required to fulfill  that goal.

Practically in one year the managing company  has effected modernization of all production shops and an administrative office at its own cost and expense  and started developing an idea of his own alcohol production plant construction to provide with a high quality  raw material and allow for all production run to be performed within one enterprise.

All above said innovations were aimed at  a manufacturing unit  multiple potential increase, lead to   a world standard level and  promote to a high quality competitive  product  appearing at the market

According to the specialists opinion the ideas matched up to expectations. On the top of it  this production branch is one that fulfilled  the so-called “import-substituting program” aimed  according to  the native economical strategists at Kazakhstan commodity production  relieving from a crises .замыслы оправдались.

Jointly with Кrebs Speishim Company  a modern alcohol production plant of 2 000 dal/day was constructed.  The production uniqueness is  all operation cycle automation. Process control is performed  from the control panel by four Operators. Grain grinding is effected by  an Italian  hammermill.   Production process allows to use any grain: wheat,  rye, barley. Fermentation is a continuous process  in comparison with the other alcohol plants. Distillation and rectification units involve six columns. Availability of a demethanol column and  30 m  rectification column allows to  produce an alcohol of Lux grade and effect  a qualitative admixtures  selection.

One of the substantial alcohol production difference at the MAXIMUS’ plant  is the next stage: the Company purchased and installed  the Drier  СКМ-75 for DDGS processing in a dry feed additive. Thanks to that unit  waste products (spent wash) are not delivered to a landfill but  are reprocessing without an operational impact . An alcohol production plant is  waste-free production. A dry feed additive  - DDGS- is a high quality product for animal and poultry.